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Finally – An Update

I last updated my blog in February after I’d been to Moors Valley parkrun. I did go to one more parkrun on 15th February but I can’t remember any details from it now. In the days following that parkrun I got really ill and had to take two weeks off work and truth be told probably should have taken a 3rd week off. I thought I had a really really bad case of Sinusitis but it seemed more than that. At some point my heart was absolutely racing and I ended up booking a GP appointment as I really wasn’t right and it seemed more than Sinusitis (which I’ve had many times) The GP said I had a really nasty virus as well as the Sinusitis. I have never been as ill as I was for those few weeks before. At the time everyone was asking if I had Coronavirus and I was adamant it wasn’t but now that we have more information it could well have been. I guess I’ll never know now unless I get one of the tests. It did mean I missed the last parkrun which I was really sad about.

I’ve been on and off with work since the lockdown. I worked beyond the lockdown and then went on furlough for 3 weeks. I then went back to work for 3 weeks and then was furloughed again. It was meant to be for 3 weeks but I had a bit longer off. I can’t remember how long now, all the days/weeks seem to have rolled in to one. I’m now back at work part time on what work are calling “flexi furlough”.

I didn’t post a blog or read any blogs because I didn’t want to have to post about Coronavirus or read about it. After being so unwell and worried about how low my immune system now was, I was worried about catching Coronavirus as well and just felt really overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Apart from work I’m still very much living a lockdown lifestyle. I haven’t been in a shop at all since 2 days before we locked down. I don’t need to go so I just think why risk it. I haven’t visited any takeaways/restaurants/fast food venues since either. People have invited me out for coffee etc but I’ve just politely declined. I’m not ready yet and most people seem to be understanding which is nice.

My running/exercise as been a bit all over the place but I might save that for another update. I just wanted to get a post up explaining my absence. It’s been such a strange and worrying time. I hope you’ve all managed to stay safe and healthy.

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