Book Review – Greg Rutherford – Unexpected The Autobiography

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on the blog before but I love athletics. You’ve probably guessed I have an interest based on some of my blog posts.

Recently I read Greg Rutherford’s autobiography and thought I’d introduce something new to the blog, book reviews!

Greg Rutherford - Unexpected

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In case you don’t know, Greg Rutherford is a Long Jumper. He’s got quite a list of achievements to his name too. He is the Olympic Champion (2012), World Champion (2015), European Champion (2014 & 2016) and Commonwealth Champion (2014). In other words, he’s pretty good at what he does!

Greg’s book starts by telling you about his childhood. I’m not going to spoil it for you but his childhood is not what you expect and I think that’s partly where the title Unexpected comes from. Basically he had it tough, really tough in fact.

Then it moves on to tell you how he tries different sports before finally settling with the Long Jump. Greg wasn’t one of those kids that knew what he wanted to train for from a young age so was jumping in to sand pits from age 3 and it went from there. He actually tried out a few sports. He’s a great sprinter and I for one would love to see him compete in a sprinting race at competition level.

Then come all the major competitions that Greg has taken part in. I watched pretty much every one he talked about on the TV. Now, Greg is plagued by injury, and I mean plagued. He really suffers, but you’d never know. When you watch him on the TV he gives nothing away at all. He gets his game face on and that’s all you see so I was surprised reading some of the background to the competitions just how injured he was whilst still managing to pull some pretty enormous jumps out of the bag (or the sand pit!)

Finally it ends with his bitter disappointment over getting a Bronze in Rio. However, when you read the background to his experience at Rio, oh boy did he earn that Bronze. I know he was disappointed but it’s still a medal in my eyes.

Greg’s book is brilliant. At no point did I become bored of what he was saying. So if you’re an athletics fan I recommend this book to you, and if you’ve just become a fan of Greg dressed in sparkles and whirling around a dance floor, there’s more to Greg then meets the eye so I definitely recommend this book to you!

Greg Rutherford in Strictly

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