Bigmugoftea Reads – The Cornish Cream Tea Bus

I thought I’d try something a bit new and let you know what I’ve been reading on a semi-regular basis.

Bigmugoftea reads

Recently I read the serialised edition of The Cornish Cream Tea Bus by Cressida McLaughlin. The full story is now available to buy.

The Cornish Cream Tea Bus

I’ve read quite a few books by Cressida McLaughlin so eagerly awaited this one. The story is focussed on Charlie who inherits her Uncles old tour bus. Charlie is at a bit of a low and so moves to a sleepy little town in Cornwall, renovates the bus and starts up The Cornish Cream Tea Bus! Throughout the book you get to meet different characters who live in the village and of course, the love interest for our main girl Charlie. Like all good chicklit books, the road to romance isn’t always smooth.

An easy to read enjoyable girl meets boy kinda book. A perfect summer read.


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