2018 Races

I’ve entered a few races this year so I thought I’d do a quick post about them.

June – Romsey 5 mile Cake and Beer Race

I have to admit I was tempted in to this by the Cake and Beer but was reluctant. Could I get to 5 miles by June?! Anyway Anna and our mutual friend Graham convinced me I could so I signed up. There better be cake left by the time I finish!

June – Gosport Golden Mile 5K Race

I’ve spectated at this race for the past two years but never taken part. It’s a race along the seafront at Stokes Bay. My worry though is that it will be as hot as it was last year. Pretty sure it was around 27-30c!

September – River Ness 10K

I feel like I have unfinished business with this race so decided to give it another go. This time I’m determined to do well and not get shouted at by a marshal. See this post for what I’m talking about.

October – Great South Run 10 miles

You know when you marshal at a race and get caught up in the moment and think “I could do that” so you go home and sign up immediately? Yeah that! Now I think “You absolute fool” Praying I can just get round the course and finish it.

I hope the 5 miler, then the 10K will give me some incentive to keep training and make it to 10 miles for the Great South Run. That’s the plan anyway!

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6 thoughts on “2018 Races

  1. Wheeee so exciting! 😀 There will be lots of cake left don’t you worry. I always end up buying more at the end (or donating money to them to get more haha). There’s sooo much!
    I wanted to do to Loch Ness Marathon but sadly I’m dog sitting that weekend 🙁

    • bigmugofteablog says:

      You’ll have to reserve me a piece of cake! I’ve heard Loch Ness marathon is really good with a good section being downhill!

  2. kjslade says:

    You’ll be able to do it looking at how much progress you have made already. Plus it was very hot at golden mile last year, it usually alternates weather each year.

  3. Races with cakes are the best! There is one near me (In Ware) that always has loads of cakes for sale (well, it’s £1 for hot drink and cake)- it’s the best thing about the race for sure.

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