4 Mile Ed Sheeran Run

My day off was switched again, this time to a Wednesday, so I was able to enjoy a midweek run. I headed out just after 7am. I wanted something to listen to that I could just put on and not have to faff about with by skipping tracks. I loaded up the Ed Sheeran Essentials playlist on Apple Music and it was perfect. I didn’t need to skip a track once.

I headed off and it was still mostly dark. I wanted to try and do 4 miles as I’d failed the week before to do more than 2 miles before of my arm chafing. Thankfully this time was much more successful. I headed out towards Hill Head, the weather was breezy and chilly, which made perfect running conditions for me. I didn’t pass many people out at all so it was just me and Ed running along the prom. I reached the end of the beach at Hill Head (around the 2 mile mark) and turned around to see the most beautiful sunrise! The colours were amazing, I was surprised how quickly the sunrise faded though and just turned to light.


My run was going really well. Once it was light I actually saw a few more people, particularly dog walkers. I guess they must wait for the light to walk their dogs. I finished at 4 miles just at the end of my road so I had the walk along my road to cool down and catch my breath. I was really happy that 4 miles really felt manageable! I told myself when I set out 4 miles is ideal, 2 miles is ok and I can stop after a mile if I’m really not feeling it. I’ve signed up for the Romsey 5 mile Cake and Beer Race again this year so to know I’m able to do 4 miles already is reassuring as the race isn’t until June.

Do you run with music?

Do you prefer to run in the morning or evening?


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  1. Wow what a beautiful sunrise!

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