A Visit to Torquay

At the end of March we went away for a couple of days. Our first stop was Torquay. We stayed in a hotel right on the sea front and obviously had a room overlooking the car park!!

The first morning there I went for a run from our hotel along the sea front, around the marina, towards the town a little and then weaved my way back to the sea front. I’ve never been to Torquay before so a run felt like a good way to explore the area and do a little bit of sight seeing. As I was running to explore I made it a fun run, meaning I wasn’t worried about pace and took lots of pictures.

Before my run

Before my run


Torquay Marina

Torquay Marina

Run Map

Run Map

The map made me laugh as it kind of looks like Lobster or crab claws! I saw a couple of runners whilst I was out who were friendly and said “Morning” After my run I went and rehydrated with a Costa Coffee on the sea front which was lovely. I then went back and had a shower before exploring Torquay some more. Whilst I was walking to the town centre I saw one of the runners I’d seen earlier still out! I guess he was probably marathon training!

Do you use runs to sight see when you’re somewhere new?

Have you ever been to Torquay?

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2 thoughts on “A Visit to Torquay

  1. I quite like running somewhere new as a way to scope out places for later, although I have a terrible sense of direction and even out and back routes are bad because things look different when you are facing in the opposite direction!

  2. CJ says:

    Love Torquay!!!!

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