Alver Valley Run

I’m really behind with my blog posts so forgive me as we head back in time just a little to catch up.

Following my good run with Mike and Janet on Saturday at parkrun I was keen to keep the momentum going. I’ve always heard good things about Alver Valley Country Park which is right on my doorstep. Despite this I’ve never been! I’ve heard it’s good for running so I decided to go there on the Sunday (29th April).

Before we left my husband plotted us a 5K route on a path that seemed to go through the centre of the park. It wasn’t quite what I was expecting when we got there. I thought it’d be a nice off road trail route. Instead we’d got a concrete path that was pretty much a road!

We still had a good run though. My husband and I struggle to run together as his pace is faster than mine but I can run for longer than him. However we stuck together and it actually meant he had a good run too as he ran the 5K without stopping, well other than our picture stops, like this one.

Blossom Tree

We ran across Apple Dumpling Bridge which I’ve heard of a few times. It’s infamous for flooding but luckily for us it was fine to cross. We also ran past a pond/lake which was pretty and seemed to be popular with birds. There was a hide too so you could sit and watch them.

All 3 miles were under 15 minute miles so I’m pleased with that. It was nice to explore somewhere new to run but I’m going to be honest, it didn’t quite meet my expectations.

Where do you like to run? Trails/Road/Beach?


4 thoughts on “Alver Valley Run

  1. That’s a shame that it wasn’t what you were expecting- at least now you know! Well done on keeping the momentum going 🙂
    I like any runs with nice scenery, but I quite like it when it’s changing- running for a long time with the same view makes it feel like you re not moving.

  2. CJ says:

    Hiya Becs!!
    I just nominated you for The Mystery Blogger Award!
    Info is in my latest post. I love blog and enjoy reading your posts!!
    If you don’t have time to post or if you’ve already been nominated… worries! I Just wanted to ‘pay it forward’ and highlight some awesome bloggers!!
    Luv CJ x

  3. I’ve run past the entrance for Alver Valley and always wondered whether to take an impromptu turn and check it out (and probably get lost, let’s be honest). I wondered whether to take Alfie there for a walk… I wonder if it’s worth it.

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