An Amazing Run Along The Cliff Tops

After parkrun on 5th May we sat in the café with fellow runners and listened as they told us about a trail run they’d done on the Thursday. The route sound pretty, scenic and on the trails. A friend recently suggested to me that if I did more trail running, I’d then find the tarmac runs at parkrun easier so I’ve been looking for a trail route since then. We stalked their Stravas (how else do you find running routes?) and made a plan to run it on Bank Holiday Monday. The route pretty much followed the Solent Way.

We got up super early to try and beat the heat! We were at the car park near to the start of the trail for 8am. People were sat in their camper vans having breakfast when we arrived and one lady was having a cup of tea on the beach. The first part of the trail involved some climbing to get up on to the cliff tops so we ran in places and also walked a little. We were there behind some walkers and as the trail was very narrow we had to walk at some points. It soon opened up though and we were able to run quite freely.

I commented to my husband that this was going to make a great blog post and so he made it his mission to capture some pictures for me. Knew there was an advantage to running with him!

We had to stop a couple of times to just take in the views. We started the run at Hill Head and were heading along the coast towards Warsash. The picture below is looking back towards Hill Head.

View from the Cliff Tops

It was nice to stop, catch our breath, take in the views and not worry about time or pace.

At one point we had to drop down to the beach to continue along the Solent Way. It was really quiet on the beach with hardly anyone around.

View from the beach

We also had to cross this quirky little bridge. We decided to go over it one at a time just in case!


We ran two miles out and then turned around and headed back. It was such a lovely route that I know we can extend next time we run.

Trail Running

The only down side to this run was the flying ants! At times it felt like we needed to run with propeller arms to try and whip them away. It didn’t work though!

How do you find out about new running routes?

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3 thoughts on “An Amazing Run Along The Cliff Tops

  1. *Goes immediately to Rebecca’s Strava to stalk route* This sounds incredible! I definitely need to go here! The views! What a cool thing to do 🙂

    • bigmugofteablog says:

      It’s so lovely. If you ever fancy a walk there just let me know. I’d suggest a run but I think we’re probably too differently paced 😂

  2. It looks like a fantastic place to run.
    I often find new routes via club runs, but every now and then I’ll have a go at making up a new route. I’m not great at map reading so those runs often end up with me turning around once I can’t work out where I am.

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