An Early Morning Disastrous Run

On Wednesday (2nd May) I decided to try and get an early morning run in as I’d missed going to my run club night the night before. I set an alarm for 4.45am and was out of the house by 5.10am. I thought it would be light but it was actually still dark and it was a little drizzly but nothing too major, however the wind was absolutely horrendous. My original plan had been to run the parkrun route but because the beach is so open and exposed I knew the wind would be even worse there so I decided to try laps of a 1 mile route I’ve worked out near my house.

I set off and at first it seemed to be ok. However, I set off too quick and by the end of the first mile I was struggling. I was battling the wind too on one stretch of the lap and it was like running through treacle. I was moving my legs but not going anywhere. I also had to run past the bakery on the High Street who were already baking something that smelled absolutely divine and of cinnamon. It was lovely but also stomach turning at the same time? Maybe it was the ungodly hour!

By the time I started my second lap I was hating every second so decided to battle out this one lap and then quit. After having such good runs I was a bit gutted by this run but  I’m slowly learning that not all runs are good and that’s ok. Looking at the positives the miles were all under 15 minute miles again so this is good, especially since I was battling the wind.

What’s the earliest you get up to run?


2 thoughts on “An Early Morning Disastrous Run

  1. Blimey that is early! Well done for getting out. Don’t stress too much, we ALL have these runs that go not quite to plan. One run doesn’t define us.
    I have a love-hate relationship with the smell of bacon on my Sunday long runs…

  2. That is a very early start! Like you say, there are good runs and bad runs for everyone- very impressive that you got up that early.
    I sometimes run past Mr Bagels ( a factory) and sometimes the cinnamon-raisin smells amazing, and other times it does make me feel a bit icky!

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