An Evening Run

I hope you all had a lovely New Year! Back to catching up on posts…

Usually I end work feeling absolutely exhausted. I do 11 hour days and it’s tiring. However, on 3rd December, I went on a course! The course was terrible. The slides we were given didn’t match her presentation and the course was supposed to be 6 hours and it finished after 3! When I went back to work early I was able to sit out and complete paperwork so at the end of the day I actually had some energy left, so went for a run after work!

I hadn’t eaten for hours and definitely hadn’t drank enough through the day, but I had energy and that’s all I needed. I found out my hi-viz gear. I have one of these:

It’s probably the most annoying piece of running gear I own. The black adjusters on the chest constantly slide so it ends up too long and then they fall down. Anyone know how to stop that? I begrudgingly put it on as safety comes first and headed out of the door. I was aiming for 2 miles and had a rough route in mind.

I live really close to the centre of the little town (village?) I live in so always end up running past takeaways and restaurants. It’s a complete tease taking in those smells whilst running. A gent came out of the chip shop just in front of me and I actually calculated how long I could sprint for after grabbing his chips off him. I came to the conclusion he’d probably out run me so let him get away with the chips 😉

After 1.5 miles I began to flag a bit. I could feel my form changing and I got the worst stitch. I tried all the tips I’ve read for stitch but none of them worked. Luckily I only had a half mile to go so I slowed right down and it subsided enough for me not to have to stop running.

Overall I did enjoy the run and it felt good to get out after work. It was really bitter cold too which is my favourite kind of running weather. I comfortably wore long sleeves and bottoms! That never happens!

Evening Run Selfie

Do you run after work?

What’s your favourite kind of weather to run in?


One thought on “An Evening Run

  1. That is a long day! I do run after work a couple of evenings a week (or one evening if I am shattered/ have lots of work to do)- I just change as soon as I get home so I can’t think about it too much.

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