Another parkrun milestone

I have my own little pre-parkrun routine. I wake up and make a small coffee. I then eat a Belvita whilst drinking my coffee before getting dressed ready to go. Someone told me Belvita’s are good before a parkrun because they give you 4 hours of carbs. Anyway it works for me!

We took the long way to parkrun as usual on Saturday so that we could get a little warm up in before starting. I said goodbye to my husband as he starts closer to the front of the pack than I do, given that he’s faster than me, and I went and found my ever faithful pacer Mike.

We set off and ran. In the back of my mind I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to replicate the success of running 1 and a half miles on my Birthday. I’d been injured and only run twice since then. But we ran, at Mike’s steady pace and we chatted and we kept going.

We got to the ramp where I took my walk break last time and as we approached I said to Mike “Oh no, the mountain” Mike said to me “Come on, lean in and pump your arms” which is exactly what I did and I was at the top before I knew it. When we reached the flat before going back down the other side of the ramp Mike said “That’s not even the worst of it, it’s going back that’s the killer bit” Oh brilliant! Something to look forward to.

We continued running and had a bit of banter with the run/walk pacer. He told me if I was able to make sarcastic comments I obviously  wasn’t working hard enough haha. We then came to the shingle portion of the course and Mike told me he was going to walk the shingle. A lot of people do this as they’re scared of turning their ankle on the unsteady surface. The shingle probably doesn’t take a minute to walk over and after we’d walked over it, we ran. The rest of the way!

We finished in 45:13. I’m still finding it hard to crack 45 minutes but being able to run more each week will hopefully start to bring that down at some point.

Here I am at the end in my new running t-shirt

At the end of parkrun

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2 thoughts on “Another parkrun milestone

  1. Ahh well done, superstar! You’re doing so well!

  2. Great job, well done!
    I found that for me a lot of the walk breaks ended up being psychological and not actually needed- after I’d got to running a 5k without walking, I started increasing to further, but I would do things like a 25 min run, 1 min walk and 25 min run. One day I tried to push the walk break back and back (tricking my brain) and I found that actually I could run further than I’d realised. I still walk now sometimes (often in my long runs just to take a photo or whatever) so there’s nothing wrong with that, but I am sure you will have that 45 mins cracked in no time.

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