Another parkrun PB!!

I was up bright and early this Saturday for parkrun as I was volunteering as well as running. This week I was volunteer coordinator, which basically means I gave the technical volunteers (those barcode scanning/timing) their equipment and a lesson in how to use it.

Before I knew it, it was time to shed my layers. I’d wrapped up as I knew I’d be stood around for a while whilst waiting for the volunteers to arrive. I was a bit worried as I hadn’t had time to do any sort of warm up. Usually I walk to parkrun the long way to allow me to get warmed up.

As we set off it didn’t seem to matter much. I soon warmed up as I set off. I was running on my own this week as Mike was elsewhere. I managed to run all the way to the first turn around point and back to the sailing club before taking a walk break. Without Mike’s careful pace I always set off too fast. I did my usual thing of walking when I needed to and running as much as I could.

There were 464 runners this week at parkrun and the course was really congested. There were a couple of portions of the run where I had to walk because there just wasn’t the space to over take the walkers in front of me as there were so many faster runners coming the opposite way.

As I headed along the longest part of the course (Browndown to The Shack for those in the know) I got hotter and hotter. There was absolutely no breeze. I was roasting and very glad to turn at The Shack in to a slight breeze. I get so hot when I run. When I told my friend this she exclaimed “But it’s only February!” I dread to think what I’ll be like in July!

As I was nearing the end I glanced at my watch and figured I wasn’t going to beat last weeks PB time so I thought I’d treat myself to another little walk break. Then as the funnel was coming in to sight and looked at my watch again and thought “Hang on, I might do this” cue me bolting! I have no idea where that speed or energy came from but I bolted the last 200m and got in to the funnel with my watch saying 43:31

My lungs were absolutely burning and I felt like I might burst when I’d finished. I had to sit on a bench and catch my breath before getting scanned! I sat and had a chat to a lady who had been just in front of me most of the way. She later posted on the parkrun Facebook page that I’d made her day so that was really nice. I like to spread a little sunshine 😀

Standard post parkrun picture

When the results came through whilst we were eating breakfast in the café I was delighted to see another PB of 43:27! I was over the moon. What a pleasant surprise! It seems that the more pressure I take off myself, the easier the PBs come! Strange!

After the run my IT band pain was absolutely fine which was a relief. However that afternoon I went for a walk to buy a card for someone and when I got back, the IT  band pain was back! It was only a gentle walk but it just goes to show how sensitive it must be! I’ll keep on with the exercises and hopefully I’ll see a difference soon.

I just thought I’d mention Stokes Bay junior parkrun too as I never seem to give it a mention anymore despite me being there every week. We’re still hitting high numbers every week which is amazing. We had 86 runners this week. I’m so glad we started this. Having these numbers every week just shows how much this was needed in our area.

On a final note too I wanted to mention Strava. For some reason my Strava maps are all over the place. It seems to think I’m Jesus and can run on water!

I definitely didn’t run in the sea

Does anyone else’s Strava do this?!

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2 thoughts on “Another parkrun PB!!

  1. Congratulations!
    Also, I always thought that the volunteer coordinator stood with the future roster and tried to get more volunteer for coming weeks! Not sure why I’ve never realised!

    • bigmugofteablog says:

      I think individual parkruns have their own take on it. We’re luckily always awash with volunteers so we don’t need someone to do that. I’ve seen some parkruns with a copy of the roster for people to add themselves to

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