Beachbody’s Transform:20 Day 1

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Don’t worry, I’m not going to do these updates daily! I’ll probably just update every now and then. But on 1st September, I completed day 1.

Guys, I’m not being dramatic here, but honest to god I felt like I was going to die! It was so hard and fast and intense!

It’s all step based but isn’t like the old step aerobics classes you used to see. I have a step at home but it’s higher than the one they use on the video, that’s possibly one of the reasons it felt so hard. Honestly, usually I think I’m a pretty fit person but this made me feel really unfit! I hope I get used to the pace over time. After 15 minutes I’d had enough but figured since there was only another 5 minutes left I’d keep going.

I felt amazing after I’d completed it and caught my breath but lord it was hard work! I’m looking forward to making progress with this though, if I can handle it haha.

Have you ever done a beachbody workout?

Have you ever done a step workout?


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