Can We Talk About Poo?

Poo, it’s a bit of a taboo subject isn’t it?! But the fact is, we all do it! On Wednesday morning I woke up with the lark and decided to go for a run before work. I got up, went to the loo…but didn’t y’know, didn’t go and got ready. I headed out of the door at 5.35am.

I love that it’s light at that time. I bet the gent I passed in just his underpants in the street grabbing something out of his car boot wasn’t glad of the light! There was a cool breeze as I set out and I was grateful of it after the heat of running on Sunday. I had a 1 mile loop planned out in my mind so that if I wasn’t feeling the run I could stop after a mile. As I ran along though I felt pretty good so decided to stretch the route out a bit. I was only planning on doing 2 miles anyway. I dropped down to the beach and ran along the prom. The only other people I passed were runners and one dog walker. It was lovely and quiet.

But then there was a rumble at 1.5 miles and it was my stomach. It was definitely letting me know I needed the toilet. The public toilets along the beach aren’t open that early so I turned to head for home. I had to walk at one point as the urge was getting worse and then I had to full on stop. I pretended to stretch whilst I took a minute. Then I thought I’m going to have to run, I wasn’t going to have an accident but I needed to go. That last half a mile or so was probably the fastest I’ve ever run!

I made it home and the urge had actually settled so I stretched out a bit on the drive whilst I cooled down. I had a lovely run but oh I could have done without the panic!

Have you ever been caught short?


One thought on “Can We Talk About Poo?

  1. If you did have to have a poo mid-run this is what is fondly known as a “gingerbread man”. I’ve been caught short once – this was during the Cheddar Gorge marathon of all times. I just had to dive into a bush as there were no portaloos on the course. It was rather liberating having a moment to myself being able to see other runners while they couldn’t see me (least I hope they didn’t). Running can really mess with our tummies so this isn’t unusual. It’s also why during races you always hear the poo talk from other runners…things like “I’ve had a three poo morning, things are good” or the panicked “I couldn’t go!”
    Shit happens. Literally.

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