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Firstly I’ll start this post by saying I bought the Davina DVD with my own money. I am certainly not one of these bloggers lucky enough to be sent stuff for free.

Davina DVD

You know what I love about Christmas, knowing the new Davina DVD will shortly follow. I like Davina workout DVDs. I own most of them, so obviously had to buy her new one.

The DVD, like many of Davina’s, is broken down in to sections so you can decide to do one, a few or them all. As I had time I decided to do them all. At the start is a little talk by Davina about how to punch properly when doing the DVD. At first I was a bit like “Pffft whatever” but actually, following her instructions actually felt like I was exercising more.

There’s lots of punching, upper cuts, jabs etc which is to be expected given the name of the DVD. Because I did all of the DVD I did feel like I repeated a lot of the same moves over and over. With this is mind, perhaps just doing a few of the sections is better but if you have more time do all of it? In between the punches there are quick blasts of cardio to keep your heart rate up too which is good and, much to my surprise, I was able to complete these for the allotted time!

The DVD has an ab section which I was apprehensive about. My core is so weak and I know it’s something I should work on but never seem to get round to it. What I liked about Davina’s old DVDs with Jackie and Mark is that Jackie would always show you a modification for those new to exercising. I usually need these on a core section but I managed to get through all of this one so that was a pleasant surprise.

I finished the DVD feeling pretty good. I didn’t feel fatigued by it, instead I felt energized but like I’d done a good workout. My Apple Watch told me I’d burnt 451 active calories and 591 in total. However, how I felt the next day is a whole other story. My abs ached, you know when you can’t laugh without being in pain? That was me. And my arms! I couldn’t lift my arms above my head the next day. It was killer. I attributed this to the little speech about how to punch properly at the beginning of the workout.

All in all this is an excellent DVD, I’ve yet to pluck up the courage to do it again though haha

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Have you ever done a Davina workout?

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2 thoughts on “Davina: Power Box & Tone

  1. Well done! I am terrible at DVD’s because I just get so distracted- I’ll start one and then see that I need to take a up back to the kitchen, or that the recycling needs taking out or any number of things- it’s why I’m better either out running where I have to keep going, or in a class where I am told what to do!

  2. Well done for smashing it!
    I think of all the fitness DVDs, Davina has the best reputation. And she clearly is not one of those celebs who just loses weight and releases a video off the back of suddenly becoming famous./
    That said, I have no coordination or motivation to follow a DVD. I need to be in a gym otherwise I just go “ooh I have to do some washing” or something like that.

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