GRR Beginners Group Week 2 & A Spin PB

Tuesday last week saw me back at my running club and joining in with the beginners group. If you missed my post about Week One just click –>here<–

Last week I made it in to Group Two but decided to go in to Group Three and stick with my friend Rachel who is leading that group. Rachel and Jo, the other person leading the group, took us outside and we did some warm up exercises. (I’ve since incorporated these in to my other runs) then we took a brisk walk to where we jogged round the block in Week 1.

We then started intervals of run 1 minute and walk 90 seconds. We looped round the block whilst we carried out 8 intervals of each. It was good, but if I’m honest a little easy. Because it was easier though it allowed me to chat to some of the ladies in our group. I got to know a bit about some of them and encouraged one lady to try parkrun. She said she didn’t think she could because she couldn’t complete the distance but I explained to her that you can walk it and that there’s also a run/walk pacer every week at out local parkrun. She was actually there on Saturday and completed the course in just under 48 minutes with the run/walk pacer! How awesome is that?! I hope she went home with a feeling of achievement.

At the end of the session the group were given homework to do the intervals two more times before we go back. They were all given a slip of paper with the timings on but I wasn’t! So I can slack off right? Haha not true!

I actually went out for a run the next day after work. I really didn’t want to as my back was aching from being at work all day but I knew I’d struggle to fit in another run during the week. I went out though and nail a 2.5 mile run. I actually really enjoyed it!

The next night I went spinning. We’d taken two weeks off for various reasons and oh my word it was hard, plus my legs felt tired from running the day before. However on the standing hill climbs I felt really strong, like I was running on the pedals and really getting some speed up. I was surprised to see at the end that I had gone 13.3 miles which is the furthest I’ve ever done in a class. In my first class I only went 9 miles!

Spin stats

So that’s last week rounded up for you. I went to parkrun on Saturday too but I’ll leave that for another post.

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  1. Yay for getting another person into parkrun- you must get some kind of good karma from that I think!

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