GRR Beginners Group Week 3 and IT Band Troubles

On Tuesday I went to Week 3 of Gosport Road Runners Beginners Group. Again it was good fun, manageable and I really enjoyed it. I think having these sessions is what’s helping my running click in to place at the moment.

We started with a warm up and brisk walk before starting the run/walk segment. This week the splits were one and a half minutes of running, followed by two minutes of walking. This was easy in reality so what I did was run a little faster than I normally would on the run segments as I knew it’d be followed by a sweet two whole minutes of walking!

I was right up at the front of the group too which was also a little confidence boost. We had to keep walking back to try and keep the group tighter together as we spread out as time went by.

We run round and round this block

When we were done we did a brisk walk to cool down followed by some stretching. I felt good afterwards in myself but I started to get a bit of discomfort down the outside of my thigh. It definitely wasn’t a pain, but discomfort. I did a bit of googling that night and it looked like it might be my IT band.

So I did what any novice runner like myself would do and asked a professional for help the next morning. I text the lovely Anna the next morning and she gave me lots of advice, stretches and exercises. I’m so grateful that she’s willing to share her wealth of knowledge with me.

I decided to give spin a miss on Thursday as I wanted to give the IT band a chance to settle down and something I read online said you can get a sore IT band if you’re a cyclist too.

I have to miss next weeks beginners group as I have a meeting at work until 8pm. I’m disappointed to miss it but hopefully I’ll still manage to get the run in somehow, later in the week maybe.

After the session at Beginners I was speaking to one of the coaches who has encouraged me to try running more than 5K now, just upping it slowly. Obviously this is the natural next step, but why do I feel so nervous?!

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