Hitting A Blip

I’ve hit a bit of a blip recently when it comes to both my health and fitness. I don’t know why. The first thing that slipped was my exercise, and as a result, my eating habits slipped.

I find when I’m working out, I want to eat healthy. I want to fuel my body with the right foods to keep me strong and healthy. But when I stopped exercising, I feel like I hit the sabotage button on my eating habits too.

Once I’d had a week off exercising, it was then easier to not workout. So then another week slipped by, and another, and another. I wish I knew where this lull in motivation came from but truth be told there was nothing stopping me exercising…I just didn’t!

But, it’s time to hit the reboot button and today (Sunday) I’ve eaten well and restarted Liift 4 from Beachbody. Now, to keep it going! I’m really looking forward to some time off work at Christmas as I’ll really be able to knuckle down on the exercise then, the eating…well it is Christmas!

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