How Not To Start 2018 & An Unsuccessful Southsea parkrun

My plans for the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 were mostly centred around parkrun to be honest. I was going to run on the 30th December at Southsea parkrun followed by volunteering at Stokes Bay junior parkrun on 31st December followed by doing the infamous parkrun double on New Years Day. New Years Day is the only day you are allowed to run at two parkruns. My local parkrun had purposefully chosen to start at 10.30am to allow people a better chance of being able to “do the double”.

My plans started well, we (my husband and I) got to Southsea parkrun in plenty of time and did a half mile (ish) warm up.

The sunrise at Southsea beach

The sunrise at Southsea beach

As you can see Southsea parkrun is along the prom, just like at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun. I quickly took a picture of the sunrise before gathering on the start line with 292 other parkrunners.

Southsea parkrun start line

As the RD declared we were off, my husband said goodbye and he’d meet me back at the finish (He’s quicker than me) and so off I trotted. I started strong and had hopes of being able to shave those pesky 16 seconds off my time to make my parkrun improvement time 14 minutes. The first mile went well. And then during mile two I don’t really know what happened, but I didn’t feel right. I passed my husband who asked if I was ok. I said Yes but thought I’d have to walk a bit more than normal. As I kept going I could barely run at all. I felt weak, my stomach and legs were cramping and the wind was full on. I had to walk the remainder. The walkers began to overtake me and I knew I must have slowed right down. For some reason I never thought to phone my husband and ask him to come and get me, although sensible, it wouldn’t have worked anyhow as I soon saw him walking back to me. Usually he waits at the finish line as I’m only 5-10 minutes behind him but I guess he must have realised something was wrong when I didn’t appear.

We walked back to the start and I got scanned by the barcode scanners. To be honest that bit feels a bit of a blur. Once home I got out of my kit and really felt bad. My feet were so painfully cold but my body was raging hot. I was sweating but absolutely freezing at the same time. I ran a hot bath but had to get out almost as soon as I’d got in as I was barely able to stay awake.

Then I slept. I slept all afternoon, all night and most of Sunday. When I woke up on Sunday I had a blinding headache. I managed to stay awake most of the afternoon then needed another snooze before the fireworks and Big Ben striking 12. My hopes of completing the double parkrun in the morning had slipped away by now.

So now I decided to come and write this post, to take a break away from social media as people upload their smiley happy New Years Day run pictures. Whilst I don’t begrudge them making a terrific start to 2018 I’m absolutely devastated my 2018 didn’t start the way I wanted it to.

I’d even printed off this shoe that Kerry had posted on Facebook.

1000 miles shoe

Each little square has a number in and you colour it in as you complete the miles. Of course I’m not going to try and complete 1000 miles in 2018, that’d be crazy as a beginner, but I was so looking forward to colouring in 6 of those squares this morning.

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2 thoughts on “How Not To Start 2018 & An Unsuccessful Southsea parkrun

  1. Hello- I’ve come to your blog via Anna the Apple. Being ill is rubbish, but there are loads of days to 2018 left to make time for the pb’s and for the 1000 miles. Onwards and upwards.

    • bigmugofteablog says:

      You know what Maria, you’re absolutely right. Just because today didn’t go my way, doesn’t mean the other 364 won’t 🙂

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