I Discovered A New YouTube Workout Channel

Recently whilst wasting time on Instagram (please say it’s not just me) I came across an Instagram feed showing different workouts. They’re mainly bodyweight/no equipment workouts. These are the ones I’m terrible at. I am not strong when it comes to these types of exercises. After a bit of looking and watching I saw they had a YouTube channel so thought I’d give one of their workouts a go.

The YouTube channel is called Mr and Mrs Muscle. I opted for the Low Impact HIIT workout. I did Day 1, 2 and 3 as they were only 15 minutes each. The moves were simple and easy to follow. I kind of liked that on the videos there is no talking, just music. This means you’re not listening to the same narrative over and over if you repeat them. It’s always a bit of an eye roll moment when you can quote the workout DVD you’re following.

I completed the 3 workouts and felt ah-may-zing! I felt really energised and strong afterwards. Which is great, and I need to remember that feeling as for the next 4 days I had the worst doms! Now I know why it’s split in to days! You’re not meant to do 3 days worth all at once! The moves were really simple to follow though (It does include modifications if you need them) but clearly effective with how much my muscles ached after! There’s 30 days worth of workouts so I’ll try and work my way through them all.


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