International Yoga Day

Today is International Yoga Day! Whether you attend a weekly class or practice at home the benefits of Yoga are undeniable. I love that Yoga is for everyone!

I’ve never attended a Yoga class at a studio or gym. Instead I choose to practice at home. There are lots of ways to practice at home. You can use a book, follow a DVD or put on a YouTube video. Personally I use a YouTube channel called Yoga With Adriene. Adriene has over 5 million subscribers! That’s a lot of people using her videos to practice at home, but it also a testament to how good she is. She has a friendly persona and gives good clear instructions.

I don’t practice full body Yoga regularly. Instead I use Adriene’s videos to pinpoint certain body parts. If I have lower back pain, I’ll find a video to help with that, or at the moment I’m really struggling with tight legs so I’m using a video for that.

Yoga makes me feel more relaxed, it helps me stretch out my post run muscles and helps me become stronger.

Are you a Yogi?

Do you practice Yoga?

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One thought on “International Yoga Day

  1. I am a yoga convert! I started going to a class a few years ago to help with running, but I found that the mental side of it has helped massively with coping with the stress from work. I am still very inflexible (although I can see some small improvements), but I am stronger in some poses now, and just feel a real wave of calm when I am in a class.

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