I’ve Run Over 100 Miles in 2019!

On 12th May I went for a solo run. My intention was to go out early, unfortunately that didn’t quite go to plan. I’ve found myself struggling a bit on solo runs as I’ve felt a bit bored running the same route at parkrun and on my own runs. However, it’s so convenient so I thought I’d try running with music. I bought some wireless ear phones that just sort of lock in place in your ear and miraculously don’t fall out! I’d already paired them to my phone but for whatever reason they’d lost that connection. It took me forever to get them to reconnect, hence me going out a bit later than I’d planned.

I was also testing out my new goodr running sunglasses. I’ve been struggling a bit squinting in to the sun on runs. I’d done a bit of looking online and saw a few recommendations for the goodr glasses. I saw Louise wearing them at parkrun the week before and she let me try them on and run about a bit to see how they felt.

I eventually headed out at 8.50, a whole 50 minutes after I’d intended to. I knew I wanted to do at least 3 miles to reach my 100th mile but set out on to my 4 mile route with the knowledge I could turn back early if I needed to. It was warm and sunny on my run and my glasses proved good and stopped me squinting. They were definitely a good purchase!

My ear phones though, what a difference running with music makes! I used to do more evening runs where I’d rather be able to hear what’s going on around me but a Sunday morning run is fine to listen to music. I had such a good run. I was so focussed on singing along (in my head) to the music that I barely noticed the miles ticking by and never once had a negative thought about running. Usually I have that little devil on my shoulder saying things like “This is hard, I could walk now, shall I just sit on that bench” but there was none of that! I had a really good comfortable run. It probably felt so comfortable as every mile was a whole minute slower than the day before at parkrun! I was pretty impressed by how even my splits were.


I definitely regretted my timing though. The prom was so busy from about the halfway point of my run as dog walkers and families started to head out to enjoy time in the sunshine. I had to do a bit of weaving around people towards the end.


I’m finding headbands great at the minute too for keeping the sun off my head a bit.

Do you listen to music whilst you run?

Do you keep track of how many miles you’ve run?



One thought on “I’ve Run Over 100 Miles in 2019!

  1. Nice work on the 100 miles! I love Strava for keeping track for me, because then I don’t need to write anything down or add anything up!
    I used to listen to music when I started as I hated hearing my breathing but now it’s a podcast or nothing (eg nothing at parkrun or races).

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