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On Thursday (17th May) I headed to my running club. I haven’t been for ages but as my friend couldn’t make spin class I thought I’d show my face. My club always post the run options the night before and I’m going to be honest, there’s not always something for me. However this week there was a walk so I thought if nothing else came up with a slower pace I could always join the walk group and it’s still at least some movement.

When I got there I found Rachel and said hello. She asked if I was running so I explained the situation. Rachel is a long standing member of our club and she said she’d find me someone to run with. She came back a few minutes later and introduced me to 3 ladies heading out for a slow and steady 3 miles.

I was a bit apprehensive about heading out with people I didn’t know but we soon got chatting. That’s the thing about being a member of a run club, you all have at least one thing in common, running! As we ran along I found my pace matched pretty much perfectly with one of the women. We ran together as the other two women ran/walked. We’d stop periodically to regroup and then run on.

The lucky thing about where I live is, you’re never too far from a beach! We headed out of the club, past Alverstoke Lake where some children were having a kayak lesson and then on to Stokes Bay and along the prom. It was a warm one but absolutely beautiful out. We stopped at the half way point to regroup and have a little breather. We bumped in to the walk group and had a chat about our upcoming club takeover at parkrun.

We then ran back to club. Afterwards the lady I ran with thanked me and said that’s the best she’s run in a long time and I’d really helped her to keep running as she’d have taken more walk breaks without me. I felt pretty chuffed with that. It’s usually others helping me, not the other way round!

Are you a member of a running club?

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2 thoughts on “New Running Friends

  1. Ahh sounds like a lovely run 🙂

  2. Well done!
    It took me ages to join a club as I didn’t think I’d enjoy running with other people but I love the social runs as much as I love runs on my own. I do run a lot faster with other people too- either the chatting takes my mind off the pace, or it stops me just reverting to my gentle amble!

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