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parkrun on 13th October saw me wearing my new Contra t-shirt. If you haven’t heard of Contra, it’s a sports brand set up by Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the founder of parkrun. They carry 10 sizes, everything is ethically made and the profits go back in to parkrun. I’d ordered a t-shirt as soon as they launched. I wasn’t expecting it to arrive, but they must have sent it early as it arrived before the due date.

Wearing the Contra t-shirt

I met up with my friend Claire who I ran with last week as she’d agreed to run/walk with me again. I told her I had absolutely no expectations and I just wanted to finish, preferably pain free! The weather was cool but the winds were really strong thanks to Storm Callum! This week was running for 1 minute and walking for 4 minutes. For the majority of the run the weather didn’t really seem a problem but as soon as we hit the 2nd turn around point, the wind hit you full on. It was like running on the spot. I told Claire at one point “This is so hard” and she answered simply “Shut up and run” That’s the kind of motivating talk I need.

We ended the run in a staggering 46:53. Considering the amount of walking I was doing, I was flabbergasted to be so close to my average of 45 minutes! In fact I was pleased as punch and thankful for another pain free parkrun.

Have you ordered anything from Contra?

What’s your average parkrun time?

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2 thoughts on “parkrun and Contra

  1. I might have a little mosey… the t-shirt looks good. Love the concept behind it 🙂
    I’d say my average parkrun time is probably 23-24 mins. Depends on the course and my fitness.

  2. The t-shirt lools fab! I love the idea behind it- I heard PSH talking about it on With Me Now the other week.
    Well done on your finishing time too (although I like the cheesy saying of celebrating finish lines not finish times)- my parkrun times vary massively from week to week- if I am super speedy I can get one beginning with 27, and then on other weeks it might be 33 (or 36 if I am touristing and it’s hilly), then of course tail walking is around an hour.

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