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I asked for running related questions on Instagram stories last week. Here are my favourites, along with the answers, in a little bit more detail than I answered them on Instagram.

Does beer post running rehydrate you?

No, alcohol should never be used for rehydration. However, it is jolly tasty and quite refreshing.


What got you motivated and how do you stay motivated?

When I originally started trying to run I was inspired by the 2012 Olympics. However, in 2013, I got bursitis in my foot and then when I tried running again I got a pain in my leg that would stop me running until 2015. The friends I made through parkrun inspired me to give it a go. The benefits to running keep me motivated.

What’s your favourite distance to run/race?

If we’re talking running on my own or at Breakfast Club I like a 4-5 mile run. Racing I like 10Ks, it’s doable without the crazy training of a half or full marathon. It’s better value for money than a 5K in my opinion too.

Final Sprint

Final Sprint

Favourite way to refuel after a run?

Breakfast, is there any other way to refuel?

How does one become parkrun famous like yourself?

This one was obviously sent as a joke. When people run with me they say it’s like running with a celebrity as I know so many people there. Then I’ve also been included in some of parkrun’s social media campaigns and emails. The way I got “famous” was through volunteering lots and lots! That way I became a recognisable face for the runners and gradually got to know people individually.

Barry Island parkrun

What’s your favourite way to refuel after running?

How do you stay motivated?


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  1. I love coconut water after a run- so refreshing. And yes, breakfast like you say- pancakes or French toast.

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