Sunrise Run 21st January

My days off have been switched about a couple of times recently. I usually have a Friday as my day off. Because I parkrun on a Saturday I don’t like to run the day before. However, due to having a Tuesday off, I found myself with the opportunity to run.

I set off whilst it was still dark at 7.45. I thought I’d head down to the prom and hoped it was light enough to see. The first signs of light were just starting to show and actually it got light quicker than I expected. I ran towards the Browndown training area and had a perfect view of the rising sun.


Unfortunately at parkrun the Saturday before I’d had some chafing on my arm. As I turned around to start heading towards Hill Head, I felt the same spot begin to chafe again. I decided to cut my run short and head towards home rather than to Hill Head like I had planned. It still rounded up to a 2 mile run so it wasn’t too bad.

When I got home, as I hadn’t run for as long as I wanted, I completed one of the Liift 4 workouts from Beachbody. It was a shoulder workout and blimey my shoulders are weak!

It felt great to have completed my run and workout before 10am and then I had the rest of the  day to myself. I love having plenty of time to exercise and for it not to feel like a rush before or after work.

When do you prefer to workout?

Do you ever suffer with chafing?


One thought on “Sunrise Run 21st January

  1. What a beautiful sunrise.
    I love a run in the morning, and then I can get on with the rest of the day. Unless it’s boiling hot and I can go to work with wet hair I don’t tend to run before work though because it’s just so hard to fit in.

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