Sunrise Run

I feel like I start every blog with this: I’m so behind on blogging, but it’s true. I am behind. So, this is going back to a run on 27th December.

I headed out for an early morning run as I wanted to do a Christmas Light/Sunrise Run. I quite like running on my own in a morning. I prefer it to running on my own in an evening. My plan was to head out do a 30 minute run. I don’t know why but if I’m just going out for a run I always choose 30 minutes rather than a distance. Perhaps because 30 minutes closes the exercise ring on my Apple watch?

I soon realised when I set off no one seemed to have their Christmas lights on! A bit annoying but I did see a huge inflatable snowman on someone’s shed roof that looked like he was waving in the wind. That kept me amused for a short while.

I weaved through the residential streets near where I live before dropping down on to the promenade. I made sure I ran facing East which was also my way back home so that worked out well. The thing with running on your own is, you can stop to take photographs without annoying anyone. I snapped a couple of shots and carried on towards home. I was on 2.4X by the time I got home so I ran past home to make it up to 2.5 miles. I do this a lot!


When do you prefer to run?

Do you end up running past your house to end on a particular distance?

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise Run

  1. A beautiful photo 🙂
    I have a limit on how far I’ll run- if I am on .8 then I might add on the extra bit to make it up to the next mile (or if I am on a strava challenge to so a certain distance) but anything less than that and I’d usually just get home.
    I always like 30 mins because I don’t want to spend longer out running than it will take to wash and dry my hair!

  2. Ahh lovely picture! And I love that I know where that is 🙂

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