Testing My Leg!

On Friday I was up with the lark so I could go out for an early morning run before the heat got too bad. It’s been a week since I saw the physio and she’d given me permission to try a short run on Friday. I figured a 2 mile run should be ok so headed out to the beach just before 7am.

I just wanted to do a gentle plod and not worry about pace at all. I headed out along the parkrun route. The beach was actually busier than I thought it would be at that time. I saw two other runners and a whole load of dog walkers.

I also saw a tractor head on to the beach. He was moving the shingle from one of the slipways. He kept driving right up to the waters edge and it looked like he was contemplating if the tractor would float him over to the Isle of Wight haha. Definitely cheaper than the ferry if it did make it across. I took a quick snap of him as it did look funny.


As I headed back I was pleased with how the run was going. My legs both felt fine. No tightness or the weird sensation I’d had before.

I often marvel at how people manage to get good pictures of themselves during their run. I decided to give it a go myself and I don’t think it came out too bad! I did wait though until there was no one coming either way on the beach! I’d have been embarrassed had someone caught me.


When I got home I had a bath with some Epsom salts just in case and then did my stretches from the physio. My calves did feel tight in the afternoon though and the weird sensation that I think is the tightness was back. Ho hum! I think I’ll keep on with the exercises and try another couple of gentle 2 mile runs and see how it goes.

Do you like running in the heat?

Are you good at taking selfies?

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One thought on “Testing My Leg!

  1. Fingers crossed that it continues to get better for you.
    I do not like running in the heat- I just slow down as I get super hot otherwise. And no, I can’t take a good selfie. I’ve tried a few times with the timer too, but like you I’d only do it if no-one was around. I did a few from my marshal spot on Saturday as I had a bit of time to wait before the first runners got to me!

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