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On Sunday 26th May I went to The Breakfast Club. I’d seen on Facebook that they were going to do a run around Alver Valley Country Park. Alver Valley is pretty much on my doorstep but I don’t know my way around it so tend to shy away from it for fear of getting lost. The route had been planned by Hayley who is a fellow Gosport Road Runner, and although she doesn’t usually attend Breakfast Club, she was going to lead the run.

I went and picked up Claire and we got to Bayside with enough time to go for a wee and buy our Gosport Golden Mile buffs. Nick (who organises The Breakfast Club) had said he was selling some off and they were only £2, which is an absolute steal. They’re yellow too so will go with my Gosport Road Runners club t-shirt.

Before the run

Hayley explained before we set off that there were opportunities to cut the route short. The route was just under 6 miles and there were chances to cut it off at 3 and 4 miles. She also explained there would be loopbacks so the fast runners would get more miles in and the slower runners wouldn’t get lost. Then we were off!

We ran along a pathway I didn’t even know existed that goes alongside the River Alver. It was really pretty and cut us through from Stokes Bay back to Alver Valley. This was a great little cut through that I’ll be tempted to use again. Then once in the park we ran over Apple Dumpling Bridge and then on to the trails. We kept stopping to regroup which was great as it meant me being the slowest didn’t get lost but actually as this went on through the run, the stop start killed me! I’m much better when I just plod on!

Claire and I chatted a fair bit about Zumba. Claire is a Zumba instructor and works alongside the instructor I go to a class with on a Wednesday. We talked about the dances and songs, what our favourites were etc. It was lovely chatting and took my mind off my legs feeling like lead after every stop!

We ran up hills and across different paths, there were woodlands, tarmac and across grass. There were some spectacular views and I wish I’d actually thought on and snapped some pictures! Luckily someone grabbed a couple of group shots.

In Alver Valley

By the time we reached 4 miles my legs were so heavy. I’m pretty sure this was down to all the stop starting. My left shoe began to rub too and it never does that! I’m hoping it doesn’t do that next week when I have a 5 mile race! I don’t know if it was caused by being so hot maybe. I hope not as the race next week doesn’t start until 10am and this was at 8am!

End of run

I really enjoyed the route. I thoroughly enjoy running off road. I was definitely glad to get back to base though because of my legs and shoe rubbing though! When we got back to the café Claire and I had a coffee. She showed me how the Zumba instructors receive the new dances via an app. She also told me on YouTube there are videos of the routines in case I wanted to get some practice in. I definitely think I’m going to give this a whirl.

Claire and I

When I got home I had a soak in the bath with some Epsom salts. I looked at my foot and luckily it had just rubbed but not blistered so that’s something at least.

Have you ever tried Zumba?

Do you use running to explore new places?

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  1. It sounds lovely! I think it’s great to explore somewhere new, although I do easily get lost so I prefer new routes with the running club as then I don’t have to worry about going wrong!

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