What The Physio Said

On Friday I went to see a physio following the weird feeling I had in my calves. (Read about it here)

It was a different physio from the last time I went with my previous injury. However this lady was equally as lovely. By the Friday my calves felt probably 90% better but there was just that 10% where I could feel whatever it was in both calves.

I explained to her how it might be a bit of something and nothing. I told her runners say about how tight they feel. I don’t feel like I do enough running to know what all these things mean but my calves definitely felt a bit tight.

I wish I could remember everything she checked. She was so incredibly thorough. It turns out I do have tight calves, particularly the left which is where the uncomfortable feeling started last Saturday.

She did a couple of tests where she’d put my leg in a certain position and then push on it, asking me not to let her push my leg down. I then had to tell her where I could feel it. It turns out my left side is weaker than my right.

To try and fix the imbalance she has given me some exercises to do. The clam if you’re a Pilates buff. She’s also given me some stretches to do to try and improve the tightness in my calves. She also asked me not to run or Zumba for a week “Booooo hiss” but on Friday I’m to try a little run and if it feels ok I can run on either Saturday at parkrun or Breakfast Club on Sunday but not both. Sad face. I’ll probably do parkrun as that’s the shorter of the two.

So, fingers crossed it improves by next Friday.

Do you visit a physio regularly or just when injured?

Do you incorporate strengthening exercises in to your routine? 


2 thoughts on “What The Physio Said

  1. CJ says:

    I go to yoga twice a week and I do a few of the machines at the gym when i feel like it 🙂 I prefer to be out on the trail though.

    (HA! managed to leave a comment i think 🙂 )

  2. Glad to hear it’s getting better!
    I only visit my physio when I’m injured or can feel my legs on the verge of injury or super tight. I just can’t afford to go every month (like I’d love). Luckily I haven’t had to go that often through the year though recently obviously it’s helped with my hamstring!

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