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On 5th August I went and picked up my Smart ForFour that I have affectionately named Winnie. Just in case you’re wondering why, she’s named Winnie as she is black on the outside and black on the inside, just like Winnie The Witch’s house.


Anyway I hadn’t actually passed my test when we went to pick her up but I had a go at driving her home from the Smart dealer in Poole and then my Husband drove us the rest of the way.

The car was certainly worth the wait. Initially we were told we’d had the car on 23rd July but that it was likely to change to earlier, however it changed to later instead, but like I said, she was worth the wait.

We decided to go to Poole instead of Southampton as we had really good customer service there for my husband’s Mercedes. We went to Southampton but unfortunately nobody seemed interested in serving us or offering any help and the same happened again when we went to look at the Smart Cars. We were told everyone in the Smart dealership had the day off and we’d have to come back another time to look at them. We decided to go to Poole instead where we were met by Neil who took care of us from the second we walked in till the second we drove out of the showroom. He was a great help and also gave us a great price. Very happy customer! The Poole Mercedes and Smart dealership have got customer service just right! We also got to do the grand unveil which I wasn’t expecting. I know my husband got to do this with his Mercedes but to be fair the Mercedes cost a lot more than my little Smart so I was really impressed I got the same treatment!


My car is under there!

Here’s some pictures of Winnie. She’s a Smart ForFour with the Prime Premium Plus package. I’m not going to put down all the technical details and specifications here as, well I don’t understand half of it and it’s just not that type of blog but a couple of my favourite key features for me are:

  • Sat Nav – A necessity since we’ve only lived in the South for a year
  • DAB digital radio – Means I can listen to my favourite station Kisstory
  • Heated leather seats – A little bit of luxury and a toastie butt in winter

And a couple of pictures. Behold shiny Winnie!



And 10 days later I passed my driving test! So now I can zip along in my little Smart car whenever I like!

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  1. cars4usa says:

    Congratulations on passing the test and with the new car!

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