A parkwalk

This post has taken me a while to actually get round to writing. I started it straight after the parkrun (16th June) but just couldn’t face finishing it. The pain in my groin I got at parkrun the week before has just developed in to a full blown injury. When you can’t run, the last thing you want to blog about is running. But anyway on to the post…

My groin felt uncomfortable all week. I probably shouldn’t have done the workout at the gym. It didn’t make it worse, but equally, it didn’t help it. On Saturday I decided I’d just walk parkrun as I had a race on Sunday and didn’t want to make it worse.

When we got to parkrun I went and found Jacqui who is a fellow Gosport Road Runner and today was also tail walker. I told her I was injured and that I planned on walking the course. She told me her husband had also had a groin injury and that he had a sheet of stretches at home. After the parkrun I messaged him on Facebook and asked if he’d mind sending me those stretches.

We walked the course and chatted about injury. Jacqui is dealing with an ongoing foot injury. We also talked about Weight Watchers as Jacqui has just joined. I’ve thought so many times about joining Weight Watchers/Slimming World. She’s getting on well with it and having some success which is great to hear.

We walked at a good pace and my groin pain wasn’t too bad until we got to maybe the last quarter. Then it became worse, the thing is, because of where we were I had to walk to the finish regardless.

I ended with a time of 57:49 and a whole heap of pain. We slow walked up to the café afterwards and the pain subsided a little and went whilst we were sat having breakfast. Unfortunately by the time we walked home afterwards it was a lot worse.

The day after I was meant to be running the Gosport Golden Mile 5K. When I got in I had a hot bath with Epsom Salts to see if that’d help. Afterwards I iced it and rolled around on a tennis ball in the hope that’d help before the next day!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better now.

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