A Small Piece of parkrun Fame

Every week parkrun UK ask a question on their Facebook page. Sometimes it’s just “Did you join us this week?” or “Where did you parkrun today?” Sometimes they might ask something a bit more in depth e.g. “How does parkrun make you feel?” etc. Occasionally I answer these, if I feel I have something to say.

So imagine my surprise when I left work one night and had a Twitter notification from Anna telling me I’d been featured on parkrun UK’s Twitter page. A few days later I was on their Facebook page!


Imagine my surprise when the following week I was featured again!

I absolutely can not get over how many likes on Facebook this one got! A whopping 761! So many people congratulating me and lots of people complimenting my t-shirt! It’s from OBD Clothing in case you’re wondering!

I’ve loved my little two minutes of parkrun fame!

Have you ever been featured on parkrun’s social media?

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2 thoughts on “A Small Piece of parkrun Fame

  1. Congratulations! I saw your flag one- it’s brilliant and I love how parkrun is always showing that they are doing loads to encourage first timers and new runners to parkrun.
    I don’t think I’ve been featured (well apart from being in the albums) but I have been part of group shots on my local one for their cover, and they changed their cover photo to my parkrun written in the frost pic.

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