Foxy Loxy

Way back in 2016 I wrote a blog post called Fantastic Mr Fox about the foxes in my garden. We still have a regular fox in our garden every day. So I thought I’d do an update of some pictures.

At the moment the fox is there when we wake up in a morning and tends to slope off around 8 or 9pm. He spends pretty much most of the day asleep. He usually sleeps on the grass but has been known to sleep in other places.

Fox sleeping on patio

It’s pretty much always the same fox in our garden at the minute. He’s distinctive by his tail. It looks like he’s been in some scrapes and this shows on his tail. He recently had a fight with a badger. I’ve honestly never seen or heard anything like it!

Fox on bench

He never really bothers chasing the many birds we have in our garden. The other day he was laying fast asleep and received a nasty peck from a Magpie! He jumped up immediately, but when the Magpie flew away, he just laid back down and went back to sleep.

Sleeping fox

We never put food out for the fox. I think living where we live, food is probably in plentiful supply. There are lots of food outlets nearby where he can probably feast if he gets in the bins, and I dare say he does.

Fox in garden

We’re really lucky that, even though he pretty much lives here, he doesn’t leave us any “packages” in the grass! I don’t know if they try to keep their area tidy perhaps? Either way, I’d like him to keep this up!

Fox laying down

He is both timid and brave. There’s times where he’ll jump up and run away if he sees us move in the house, but there’s other times where he’ll come right up to the patio door and have a look inside, which then allows me to take pictures like this!

Fox Close Up

He’s quite a character and I’m thankful he’s pretty well behaved whilst he’s here.

Do you get foxes in your garden?

What do you think? Are Foxes sweet or a pest?

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One thought on “Foxy Loxy

  1. I used to love the foxes in our garden, especially the cubs as they would play and it was very sweet. But now it appears we are on the boundary of two territories as we get fox poo all over our garden (that’s how they try to mark the boundaries), and they also bring in a load of rubbish like slippers, balls, flannels and general actual rubbish. They also dig up our plants and dig holes in the lawn.
    I’ve never seen them chase a bird though- I’ve seen cats chase (and kill) birds before, so they make me more cross.

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