How I’m Trying To Be More Eco

It’s all over the media, everywhere we look, how our oceans are being destroyed by our use of plastic.

I saw something the other day that said it’s not about making the odd big change, it’s about making small changes consistently.

Recently I also watched the first part of a BBC series called War on Plastic with Hugh & Anita which focused on single use plastic in the home. It’s pretty shocking seeing how much we have.

I’ve been making some small changes lately so I thought I’d write about them here as it is something I’m becoming increasingly passionate about.

Bottled Water

I’m guilty of buying bottled water. I think we probably all are. We always have 2l bottles of water in the fridge. After watching War on Plastic (which spoke about bottled water) bottled water is now no more in our house. Instead we have bought a water dispenser for the fridge so we always have cold water, which I’m sorry to say is the main reason we buy bottled water.

Water Dispenser

Metal Straws

One thing that’s really been brought to our attention in the media is the use of plastic straws. I have to hold my hands up and admit, I am not a fan of paper straws. They go soggy which just feels weird in your mouth, and turn to mush when you have them in a cold drink for a while. So I’ve bought us a set of metal straws. We got 6 so can keep some in the car and some on me for when I’m out and about.

Cloth Bags

Another change I’ve made is always having cloth bags on me. I keep some in the car for when I’m out and about and have some in the house for when I walk round to the shops. This means I’m not using carrier bags. I’ve really made the conscious effort to remember to take them out with me every time I go to the shops. I’m also saving money as I’m not buying 5p and 10p bags. The advantage of cloth bags is I can also just pop them in the wash when they need a bit of a spruce up!

Trigger Spray Bottles

Before each time I ran out of something in a spray bottle I’d simply buy a new one. However, where I can I’ve now started buying the refill pouches so what was supposed to be a single use plastic is now a multiple use.

How are you making changes to be more eco friendly?

Do you like paper straws?


One thought on “How I’m Trying To Be More Eco

  1. I have some metal straws, but for ages I wasn’t sure how to keep them in my bag, as I wouldn’t want to use one that had been loose in my bag due to it getting dirty, and also once used I wouldn’t want to put it back into my bag all wet, but I bought a case from ebay (which turned out to contain lots of metal straws too) so now I can have that in my bag.
    I’ve also got things like bamboo toothbrushes and cotton wool buds. And we have a jug to filter water because the limescale here is something else! Although we do buy bottled water if we are going away for the weekend because I never know if the hotel water is actually drinking water or not.

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