How My Week Went From Bad To Worse

I wanted to be posting this week about how well my new running plan had gone. I was also secretly hoping I might have been able to go sub 45 minutes at parkrun yesterday.

However last Friday I started getting that scratchy throat and fuzzy head feeling you get with the start of a cold. I went to parkrun and felt like I’d done well and ran strongly but actually I was way off my PB. I felt like the run had helped blow the cold away a bit. As the week progressed my cold got worse and by mid week I had a barking cough too. I don’t think any of this was helped by three particularly late nights. One on Tuesday where I was at First Aid training at work until 9.30 and then when we went out Wednesday night for Sprinkles. For those that don’t know, Sprinkles is a Gelato Dessert Parlour.

On Thursday night I was up late as, despite going to bed early, every time I started to fall asleep I’d start coughing. It wasn’t even coughing, it was choking and trying to bring up a lung at some points. Then Friday my left eye felt sore and overly watery all day. I kept thinking it was conjunctivitis but when I looked in the mirror at work it hadn’t developed the pink tinge you usually get. However before bed I looked in the mirror and there it was, blood shot and bright pink.

So yesterday morning, instead of lining up on the start line of parkrun, I was instead queuing up at Boots to buy eye drops. It’s been a long and rubbish week.

My week summed up in one picture!

cold supplements

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  1. Ahh hope you’re feeling better! Ice cream is apparently good for sore throats!

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