How To Prevent Getting Sick in Autumn

Autumn brings with it a change in weather, and for whatever reason, that turn in weather brings with it illness and germs. So how do you keep healthy in Autumn?

Here’s some of my tricks.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
At work I am constantly using antibacterial hand gel or washing my hands. This is because I am constantly wiping noses or getting coughed and sneezed on! I work in a baby unit and of course, they don’t know to cover their mouths or how to wipe their own nose. This is also useful to have with you when at the gym!

I’m not the best at eating enough fruits and vegetables through the week. I can nail it at weekends when I have more time to cook but I fail in the week. To compliment my diet I take Vitamins. This ensures I’m always getting enough of the vitamins I may lack through my diet, especially Vitamin C and Zinc which are well known to boost your immune system.

Flu Jab
I get the flu jab for free at work every October. More work places are offering this now and it’s also available on the NHS or at places like Boots. The flu jab protects against Swine Flu, a particular strain of flu that affects the elderly or people who are more vulnerable by having a long term illness and Influenza B that affects children.

I always try to make sure I get 8 hours sleep a night. This isn’t always possible, and actually I feel much better for having 9 hours sleep a night. Sleep deprivation is known to affect your immune system so plenty of early nights ensure I manage to stay fighting fit.

Making sure I exercise regularly is something I strive for, not only for weight loss, but to help boost my immune system. Moderate exercise is proven to improve your immune system.

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