Injury – One Year On

June marks a year since I got my groin injury that was to last for 6 months. I was taking part in a parkrun, simply plodding along, when I got a pain in my groin. I still to this day don’t know what I did. I didn’t land hard or twist or anything like that. It just hurt. I then went on to run a race the next week and just made it ten times worse.

I was in denial thinking a couple of days rest would see it right itself. It didn’t. It affected everything. It made my job harder, I couldn’t exercise. I really just ended up in a bit of a funk. I spent so much money on physio. She did lots of massage and some sort of infra red technology but none of it worked and in the end she told me just to completely rest it. I couldn’t even cross train. To be honest I could barely walk. So I did as she said. I completely rested for what felt like months. In reality it took until the end of August to be able to walk pain free. It was the end of September before I attempted a walking parkrun, and it was mid October before I began to walk/run. My very first walk/run was a 30 second run and a 4 and a half minute walk. This is how the physio advised me to return when I was able to. When I had done three, pain free, then I could up it by 30 seconds.

I walk/ran until the beginning of December when I ran 4.6 miles without stopping. From January 2019 I’ve just worked on upping my distances slowly slowly.

So I have no idea what caused the injury but the only thing that fixed it was completely stopping everything. It’s, thankfully, gone now. I get the occasional odd twinge from it which is absolutely terrifying. I’m so scared it could come back. However, when I get a twinge, there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes I get it when I haven’t done anything all day, sometimes I get it when I’ve done a 4 mile run.

I’ve completely eased back on my running. I only run twice a week now with a Zumba class. I haven’t do intervals since the injury and I’ve only done one spin class because, although I don’t know what caused it, these are things I was doing before the injury.

I now have a much more relaxed approach to running. I never set out to run a time. I always tell myself if I want to stop or turn back early I can. I haven’t entered loads of races. I just run because I can. I run to enjoy it.

Have you ever had a long term injury?

Why do you run?

One thought on “Injury – One Year On

  1. Stuff like that is so frustrating, especially when you don’t know the cause. At least you listened to advice and eased back in gently.
    I have a sort of issue with my hip area- when it happens it feels like the joint has become dislocated (it hasn’t, but that’s the only way I can describe it) so I can hardly put any weight on it, and sometimes sitting will be total agony because of the way the hips bend. Once I just woke up like it, another time it happened because I jumped over a ditch . Going to yoga seems to have helped a lot with it though, and when it’s sore doing some yoga at home helps, although I can’t pinpoint which move exactly helps it.

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