My Favourite Thing About Autumn

Aside from Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, there’s one other thing I really love about Autumn; Walking through crunchy leaves. I’ve always loved this, ever since being a child. I remember walking through my local park as a child where the path was covered in a carpet of freshly dropped leaves. I got right in there, kicking the leaves, hearing them crunch under my feet. My mum probably thought I was mad, but I still do it to this day.

When I lived in Sheffield one of my favourite places to go for an Autumn walk was Ladybower Reservoir. And this picture shows you why!

Autumn Leaves

These were ankle deep and went on and on. The path was covered. I walked right through the middle kicking them as I went. My favourite thing to do!

The water there also had it’s fair share of leaves! I wonder if the ducks like swimming through them as much as I like walking through them!

Autumn leaves in water

The views at Ladybower and it’s neighbouring reservoirs Howden and Derwent are simply stunning. If you’re ever in the Peak District you should definitely visit.

Ladybower Reservoir

The place is steeped in history too. Under the water is the remains of the villages Ashopton and Derwent. When the water is low you can see some of the outlines of where buildings stood and until the 1940’s the Church spire could be seen above the water level. It was also featured in the movie The Dam Busters.

There are many paths to be walked at Ladybower and they’re perfect to explore for an Autumn walk.

What’s your favourite place to go for an Autumn walk?

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2 thoughts on “My Favourite Thing About Autumn

  1. Sarette says:

    I’ve spent a few days in this exact area in 2010 – would definitely like to go back. Lovely place and some great walking.

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