My First Weigh In

This week was my first week following the Weight Watchers Smart Points plan. I’d eaten like a bloody saint! Part of this was because it’s been so damn hot. All I’ve wanted to eat has been salad as it’s been too hot to cook. Anyway I had tracked every morsel of food that had passed my lips between last Thursday and this one.

I’d done a cheeky mid week weigh in only to find on my scales at home I’d lost a bit fat zero pounds! I was horrified and actually could have cried. I’d eaten like a saint and had nothing to show for it. So, when Thursday morning reared it’s head I was nervous. It turned out to be the hottest day of the week so far. I got home incredibly sweaty and feeling very blah and wondering if being stupidly hot would mean I weighed more or less. I’d also tried to just take sips of water after 4pm.

I had a quick shower and got to the class at 7. I waited nervously in the queue and then my turn came. I had a brief chat with my class leader, Claire and then stepped on to the dreaded scales. Amazingly and to my absolute astonishment I’d lost a rather whopping 6lbs! I was blown away and felt quite smug when Claire said “You’ll be getting your half a stone sticker next week”

I then went to browse the shop whilst other people were being weighed in. I bought two books. They’re pocket guides, one for eating out and one called “Shop” that has the points in for lots of branded products.

Afterwards I waited for the class to start. This week there were only 4 of us that stayed behind for the meeting. I’m guessing people don’t want to stay because of the hot weather? I imagine this will increase tenfold come the New Year!

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2 thoughts on “My First Weigh In

  1. 6lbs is AMAZING!! Well done!

  2. Well done that’s fantastic!

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