parkrun 28th December

This was probably the most awful parkrun I’ve run in such a long time. You know when running just feels awful? And you think “It’s finally happened, I’ve forgotten how to run”

My local parkrun is becoming so so crowded now. When we set off I got stuck behind two buggy runners running side by side. I couldn’t get round them and ended up running too slow and then I lost all rhythm.

Eventually I got round them and then was trying to find my stride again. I bumped in to two friends and thought I’d run with them for a bit, but they were running quite slow and I completely lost all momentum I had. I said bye to them and took a walk break.

I then ran/walked on and off and it just felt so hard. It was like all the Christmas food I’d eaten was sat in my feet making them hard to lift and move forward. When I did run I got a stitch and I couldn’t catch my breath so I just ran when I could and walked when I needed to.

It was the worst parkrun! I felt shocking afterwards. I finished in 39:55 which isn’t too bad considering the struggle! It was so bad I didn’t even take a picture!

Do you ever have bad running days?

Have you ever found yourself boxed in at parkrun?

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