parkrun – Paying It Forward

Lots of people have supported me through my running journey. So many people have come forward when I’ve asked for someone to run with. They’ve sacrificed their parkrun, to run mine with me. It means a lot and I’ve always been truly grateful.

On Saturday I went to parkrun alone. My husband was in bed with a migraine and my friend Maria was in Disneyland Paris! So I went down alone but soon got chatting to people. I started my run alone. As I settled in to a comfortable pace I heard two women just behind me chatting away. I stayed just ahead of them and just zoned out and listened to their conversation. Is that weird? It provided the perfect distraction as I listened to them moan about work. I thought “This is what Maria and I must sound like when we run together”

As we reached the 1.5 mile mark they fell in to step with me and I realised I knew one of the women. I’d met Timnah through parkrun when I first started volunteering. Every time she ran past me at my marshalling point I’d cheer her on and she’d ask me “Am I last?” She never was. Anyway over time we spoke a bit more, became friends on FaceBook etc.

As we fell inline with each other I asked how she was as I knew she’d been out for a long time with an injury. As we started to chat her friend asked if it was ok for her to move forward. It turns out she was a faster runner. I offered to run with Timnah, so long as she didn’t mind me babbling away. She said it’d keep her going. This was only her 2nd parkrun back since her injury.

We settled to her pace, she was worried she was holding me back but I told her I didn’t care. I run to run, not chase times. So we settled in to a nice easy pace. Did I just say a pace was easy?! Never thought I’d say that. We talked about injuries, what motivates us, our jobs, babies, parkrun etc. We covered a lot of topics in 1.5 miles! It was so lovely though, someone to catch up with and not care about pace.

Afterwards Timnah thanked me and said I’d kept her going when she could easily have stopped. Not going to lie, it felt good! I felt like I was finally paying back some of the good deeds people had done by running with me. We finished in the not too shabby time of 40:14.

Afterwards I walked on to the High Street and went and picked myself up a coffee and bought a mini Lemon Loaf for my husband because nothing cures a migraine like cake!

And of course, no parkrun post would be complete without a post parkrun sweaty selfie!

post parkrun

Have you ever supported a friend at parkrun?


One thought on “parkrun – Paying It Forward

  1. Aw that’s lovely 🙂
    I think that is what is so great about parkrun in general, that everyone is welcoming and friendly and so you will always find somebody that will help you if you need it.

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