What do you blog about when you have nothing to blog about?

I am still injured. I’m still not allowed to do anything. No walking, running, swimming or cycling. I told a friend this the other day and she said “Bloody hell, what’s left?!” Exactly! I’m feeling pretty miserable. I seem to have reached a bit of a plateau. My injury is definitely better than when I first did it but I’ve reached a point now where it’s just the same every day. No better yet no worse. I’m doing all my stretches and foam rolling daily like I’ve been told, yet nothing. It’s still more painful at work and feels better when I’m at home at the weekend. At the moment I don’t work Mondays which means I get three days of good recovery. Yet I go back to work and it gets worse again due to the amount of getting up and down from the floor.

So here I am, a week on from my last blog post and I feel like I have nothing to blog about. This weekend I didn’t even volunteer at parkrun. I persuaded my husband and friend to go to Southsea parkrun instead so I could just be anonymous and not have people looking at me sympathetically whilst saying “Oh, you’re still injured?” I just can’t face it. Does that sound selfish?

I’m going back to see my physio today but I know already what she’s going to say. As there’s no improvement it’ll be the same advice. No walking, no running, no swimming no cycling. I just feel like there must be something I can do.

For now, that’s it. That’s all I have to blog about.


6 thoughts on “What do you blog about when you have nothing to blog about?

  1. Aw that is so frustrating.
    I totally understand wanting to be anonymous at parkrun- I sometimes go to a different local one if I want to just get around and be with myself a bit, as at my home run there will be loads of marshals I know, and sometimes I just want to be on my own.

  2. I’m really sorry. This massively sucks. I fully get the anonymity thing. Usually if I’ve been injured a while I just avoid everything running related. It’s not selfish, it helps you stay sane.
    Is it worth getting a second opinion? You’d think that rest should really be helping… obviously I#m no medical professional though!
    Sending lots of positive and healing vibes your way x

    • bigmugofteablog says:

      A few people have suggested getting a second opinion. I have one more appointment with her then I might try somewhere else

  3. Sarette says:

    I spent a reasonable amount of dosh on some private physio once – got all that tape all over my ankle and some ultrasound thing waved around my foot. To be honest it did naff all apart from relieve me of about £40 a session but REST did work. And you can blog about anything – your tagline is that it’s a lifestyle blog so go for it! The blog is your oyster!

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