What I Do When I Get Sick in Autumn

On Tuesday I posted my How To Prevent Getting Sick in Autumn post. However, it’s inevitable you might get sick, even with the greatest of intentions not to. Here’s how I go about tackling a cold.

Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel
So now I’ve caught those germs, it’s essential to keep washing my hands or putting on anti-bacterial hand gel after coughing or blowing my nose.

Tissues with Balsam Oils
When I’m blowing my nose every two seconds it gets sore so I like to make sure I use tissues with balsam oils to at least try and prevent it getting too sore. Although it inevitably still does so I also use…

Every time I blow my nose I dab on some Vaseline to stop my nose getting too sore from all the blowing and wiping with tissues.

Vicks Sinex Micromist
This nasal spray is literally a godsend. If you have a blocked nose, even if its really blocked, this nasal spray will clear it. It’s supposed to last 12 hours and it usually lasts most of the day for me. I use it in a morning and before I go to bed at night along with…

Olbas Oil
I dab Olbas Oil on to my pillowcase at night. I’m sure on the instructions it says to put a couple of drops on to a tissue inside your pillowcase but this doesn’t work for me. Instead I out 5 or 6 drops on to both edges of my pillow so which ever way I face I feel the benefit. I swear by Olbas Oil and used to really like the plug in vaporiser they sold but I haven’t seen these in ages.

I know some people say to have hot lemon, or hot honey and whiskey but personally I prefer a big measure of Whiskey or Rum just as it is. It’s perfect for numbing your throat if you have a tickly cough and unblocking your nose.

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