Why I Love Winter

Autumn/Winter are my absolute favourite seasons. I love Autumn for many reasons but I also love Winter. Here’s why:

Duh! Christmas is my favourite holiday. I even got married at Christmas so I could have a Christmas wedding. I love the excitement of the build up to Christmas, decorating the house and getting that perfect gift for a loved one that you know they’ll just adore. I love that we get time off work so we can spend time with our loved ones. Also the presents! Who doesn’t love getting presents?!

My Birthday
My Birthday is in Winter too. It’s a couple of weeks after Christmas so even when the big day is over, I still have something to look forward to. Sadly though, it’s a long old wait between my Birthday and Christmas rolling round again!

It’s cold!
I hate hate hate being too hot! I don’t handle heat well at all. I’m fair skinned and I get hot easily. The sun is not my friend but the cold winter days are! I like being able to layer up and go out on winter walks and when I can’t be bothered doing my hair, I can hide it under a hat! Perfect!

Winter Warmers
Winter is the time when my slow cooker is at it’s busiest. I make up big batches of stew, soups, chillies and curries to warm our cockles. We also indulge in hot chocolate. Sometimes we’ll get a hot chocolate from Costa Coffee but I also make a pretty good fake Costa version at home too.

Dark Evenings
As much as I hate dark evenings, I love driving home from work when everyone has their Christmas lights up and it’s all pretty and twinkly!

Do you like Winter? What do you like about winter?

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