Christmas Day parkrun!

I’m sorry it’s more than halfway through January and I’m still updating from Christmas! I’ll catch up eventually.

I expected Christmas Day parkrun to be really quiet. In the past couple of years it’s been less well attended than the normal Saturday parkruns. I was expecting a good finish position. I was wrong, oh so wrong! 543 people decided to come down to parkrun on Christmas Day!

I started by having a chat with friends, as usual! We snapped a very rushed selfie right at the beginning. The RD was actually saying 321 as we were snapping it! I think we all managed a pretty good pose though.

Christmas Day parkrun

As we set off, Charissa (Who I’ve accidentally chopped off the picture!) asked if she could run with me. We’ve chatted a few times about pacing. I run slow but run the whole thing whereas Charissa runs faster but takes walk breaks. We ran together and although I’d love to say I paced her to an amazing time, it was absolutely jam packed and we got stuck behind some slower runners and I actually ended up with one of my worst times for the year. Oops! It was, however, lovely to get to know her a little better as we’ve never run together before.

We finished with a time of 39:24 so still below 40 minutes which I’m happy about!

Did you do Christmas Day parkrun?

Do you enjoy running with new people?

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One thought on “Christmas Day parkrun!

  1. Well done- loads of the parkruns seemed to have big numbers this year. When I’ve been here I’ve gone to Panshanger on Christmas Day and they usually have big numbers but partly because no other local ones tended to be on (although this year St Albans did their first one and that was something like 600 people). I think it’s such a lovely way to start the day, and also good to see people you might not normally see. I think it’s always lovely to run with someone new.

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