Moors Valley parkrun 8th February

Lately my local parkrun is so crowded that it’s not as enjoyable so I decided to embark on a little parkrun tourism. I went to Moors Valley parkrun with my husband which is about an hours drive away.

When we got there it was already quite busy and we arrived at 8.30. I got myself ready, nipped to the loo and then headed down to the start and oh boy, it was so busy! We settled just behind the middle of the pack so we weren’t at the back with people walking but it took a whopping 1 minute and 10 seconds to get over the start line!! I’ll never moan about how long it takes to get over the start line at my parkrun again (Usually somewhere between 40-60 seconds)

We settled in to a comfortable pace quite quickly and were surrounded by people. The most annoying thing was those that have started too far back jostling past you to get ahead. I try to take it in my stride and not let it bother me usually but there was lots of it today.

My husband stayed with me for the first half and then soon broke away as he’s naturally quicker than me even though he run/walks. In the first mile, despite it being a little chilly, I overheated but just my head. It was a really weird sensation. My head was boiling and I was sweating crazily but the rest of me was chilly. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a bit of a head cold all week.

I loved the course, even though it was undulating. The uphills are never too steep there but there are plenty of them. I was really proud that I ran the whole thing. That’s the 3rd time I’ve been to Moors Valley but the first time I have ran the whole course. The first time I went I was still run/walking. The 2nd time I went it was a really hot day and I ended up having to take walking breaks.

I finished with a time of 39:50 in position 577. Lesson learned, Moors Valley is no longer quieter than my local parkrun!

parkrun hoodie

Afterwards we drove to the pub we went to last time and met my Mum there. We all ordered breakfast but it was a bit of a disaster. The coffee machine was broken so they made me and my Mum a cup of instant! Then they came over to say they had no bagels left for the Egg Royale my mum had ordered so she had a muffin instead. When my husband’s breakfast arrived the black pudding was missing from it so they said they could do an extra sausage instead which he gladly accepted but when they brought it over it was still frozen in the middle! We kind of gave up hope at that point so didn’t bother mentioning it.

When we left we saw a Starbucks about 3 doors down and we all said how we should have probably gone there instead. Such a shame because when we’ve been there before it’s been really nice.

Have you bought any of the new parkrun apricot line? I got the hoody for my birthday last month

Do you team parkrun with an excuse to go out for breakfast?

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One thought on “Moors Valley parkrun 8th February

  1. That’s a shame about the breakfast- as you know I love a brunch after a parkrun!
    That hoodie looks lovely- I could be tempted!

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