NYD parkrun Part Two

I made it back home from Whiteley parkrun with enough time to get a drink, nip to the loo and walk down to my local parkrun. When I got there I could already tell it was busy!

I went and found Phil who was pacing the run/walk group. I haven’t ran 10K since the The Breakfast Club Charity 10K so figured, after running the first parkrun, it was probably sensible to run/walk the 2nd. We were so far back from the start line because there were so many people there. With my local parkrun not starting until 10.30, it made a good choice for people to be able to get to after a 9am parkrun.

There was quite a group of people choosing to run/walk to I chatted to various people in the group which was lovely. Some had been to a different parkrun first and some people were parkrunning for the first time. It was really lovely being able to chat to new people.

As the crowd thinned out slightly the running portions of the run/walk were getting quicker. I was needing the walk breaks to catch my breath. I ended up splintering off and running the remainder at a much more comfortable pace with someone I’d just met. She was attending with another one of my parkrun friends who was just ahead of us. We had such a lovely natter about the different tourisms we’d done. It’s amazing how much you can find to talk about with a complete stranger when you have parkrun in common!

I finished that parkrun with a time of 43:20 in position 942!! There was a new attendance record set on New Years Day of 987! It was so busy, but enjoyably so. Everyone just seemed in such good spirits with it being New Years Day.

Confession: I was really sore that afternoon from my double run! Thankfully going back to work on the 2nd January sorted me out. I have an active job and it really helps aid recovery.

I was so relieved not to have gotten ill this year and finally been able to tick off the New Years Day Double!

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Do you meet new people at parkrun?

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One thought on “NYD parkrun Part Two

  1. Wow that is a huge number! I think the NYDD does mean larger attendances because not all parkruns are on, so the people running are funnelled to less, and then of course people want to do the double, and of course it’s all new year resolutions too.
    If I am touring then I often end up chatting to another tourist which is always very enjoyable.

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