parkrun 11th January

This weeks parkrun was such a windy one! There is definitely a disadvantage to living on the coast, and being battered by the wind whilst running is it!

I ran with Laura and her Dad, Geoff, again. Her Dad was pacing 40 minutes. For the first mile we were all running together but after that Laura and I broke away slightly.

It was such a lovely chatty run. I like that I’ve found someone who runs at my pace again, it’s such a shame she has to start working Saturday mornings. I feel like as soon as I find a running friend they leave!

When we finished I was pretty pleased I to see I was quicker than at Whitely parkrun on NYD where the weather was much kinder! I finished with a time of 38:50 in position 514.

I actually didn’t take a picture this week so this is a text only post! Did the run even happen if you didn’t take a picture?!

Do you always photograph your run?

What’s your favourite weather to run in?

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One thought on “parkrun 11th January

  1. Well done!
    I usually take a photo of my finish token, just in case they need to know numbers/ times if the timers go because I look but never remember the number (unless it’s something significant like token 200 on my 200th run!)

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