parkrun 18th January

parkrun on 18th January was a busy one. As two local parkruns (Fareham and Eastleigh) were closed due to icy conditions, it seems some of them had come to join in the fun at Lee-on-the-Solent parkrun.

I went and found the 40 minute pacer which turned out to be Jon. Jon is kind of Insta famous. Usually with the 40 minute pacer there is a small group but today it was just the two of us. We chatted about a lot about Instagram and how people use it for different things. We actually shared lots of the same views on Instagram which was nice. He’s met some of the owners of famous Instagram running accounts and it was interesting hearing about them.

We both work in education, although in entirely different settings, and it was interesting comparing notes on that and Ofsted. We also chatted about making the most of the time you have. Jon only needs 4-5 hours sleep a night and said he finds himself with more time than most. I however need 8-9 hours and find myself with less time than most due to work.

As we were approaching the last little bit Jon decided to hang back as we were ahead of schedule and he wanted to see if there was anyone that needed a bit of encouragement. I plodded on and finished with a comfortable  time of 39:21 and in position 640. There were 707 runners this week! It’s great that parkrun is becoming increasingly popular but it makes for a packed out course!

post parkrun selfie

I think I look incredibly tired in this picture

Do you know someone “instafamous”?

Are you finding your local parkrun increasingly busy?

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One thought on “parkrun 18th January

  1. I think lots of parkruns are getting busier and busier- I think even with more parruns starting, more and more people are going along so they are only ever going to get busier. I suppose when starting out now, that needs to be taken into consideration when route planning. Even the little ones near me are getting bigger, eg Aldenham used to get maybe 40 runners, and is now getting way over 100.

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